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Memberships are currently at max capacity. We will re-open enrollment when spots become available. 

Save money every month by becoming a member!
60 MIN: $80
90 MIN: $120
120 MIN: $160
Yoga at Home

Massage Genius

Add massage to your monthly self-care routine and save at the same time!

Monthly Payment: $70

What you get:

* 1- 60 Min Massage/ CranioSacral Therapy Session/ Myofascial Release Therapy Session  each month

* 15% Off Additional Services (equal value or more) (Limit 4)

Calm Woman

Massage Master

Imagine a guaranteed 90 Minute Massage every month!!

Monthly Payment: $100
What You Get:
* 1- 90 Min Massage/ CranioSacral Therapy  Session/ Myofascial Release Therapy Session each month
* 15% Off Additional Services (of equal value or more) (Limit 4)

Outdoor Meditation

Massage Guru

Guaranteed Ultimate Relaxation massage every month!! Talk about living the dream!!

Monthly Payment:$140

What You Get:

* 1- 120 min Massage session every month

* 20% OFF Additional 60/ 90/ 120 Min Massage Session (Limit 4)

Pregnant Woman

Massage Maternity

Pregnant Mamas Only!

Massage is a fabulous addition to your new Mama Monthly Routine! (the baby enjoys it too!). Enjoy less aches & pains as you prepare to meet your little one!

Monthly Payment: $70

What You Get:

* 1- 60 Min Prenatal Massage/ month

* 20% Off Additional Massages (of equal value or more) (Limit 5)

Terms & Conditions

- Memberships available only as 6 or 12 month commitment (Massage Maternity 6 or 9 month commitment)

- Unused service rolls over into the next month

- Once unused service is rolled into the next month, it expires after 30 days

- Unused service is non refundable

- Service cannot be transferred or divided

- If cancelling before term, 30 day cancellation notice required

- All membership commitments require a card to be kept on file for automatic billing

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